Ratio Motorcycle Between,Bajaj Pulsar 220,Honda Tiger and Yamaha Scorpio

Comparison of three motorcycle between Yamaha Scorpio Z, Honda Tiger, Bajaj Pulsar 220 is the third motor has advantages and disadvantages, follows is the third will explore thoroughly and following motorcycle brands penjabaranya.

Body Design and Finishing
By design, Honda and Yamaha Scorpio Z Tiger look more manly. As the motor cruiser they choose to look fierce with strict body lines. Who designed the Pulsar 220 itself as a sporty touring motorcycle.
The addition of the fairing which only half is expected to make it looks more sporty. But why look so forced, yes, the side fairingnya rounded, but still stiff tail design with a sharp angle.
Any color combination, Bajaj Pulsar 220 the most simple. Just a plain color with a silver emblem logo. Shades are obtained even look so elegant. Medium Tiger and Scorpio Z confident with motifs rame.
Problem finishing detail of the body, frame and accessories, Pulsar 220 have to admit not as neat as the two competitors. Small parts of the body such as water ram in the fairing, head lamp and some parts of the framework looks not smooth.

Features and Technology
But talking about the features, there are advantages to the Pulsar 220. Most striking is on a digital panel it uses. Speedometer and other equipment such as fuel indicator and odometer is displayed digitally. Medium Tiger and Scorpio are still loyal to analog panels.

But the key to the handlebars, only Tiger who has been equipped with a safety magnet.Pulsar 220 and Scorpio Z still use a conventional key. Continue to the engine. All three carry the 200cc engine capacity and above, data from each ATPM Pulsar 220 the most powerful states.
Pulsar 220 offers two spark plug technology DTSi (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) on a single-cylinder 220cc SOHC engine two spigot. Machine is equipped with oil cooler is claimed to be capable of producing power to 21 PS and torque of 19 Nm.
'm Scorpio comes with a well-known recalcitrant machine. Its 223cc engine is claimed to have power Ps 18.2 17.5 Nm of torque. Who's smallest powernya is Honda Tiger.Machines with a net capacity of 196.9 cc pave already 18 years in Indonesia, this yields only 16.7 Ps

The legs
Only Scorpio Z rear suspension that offers a stump. Medium Tiger and still using sokbraker Pulsar 220 but is equipped with dual rear oil tube. Medium front suspension, all rely on telescopic type, but have a Pulsar 220 the most large compared to the competitors.
Affairs wheels, Tiger and Scorpio Z uses 18-inch circumference. Only Pulsar 220 which use 17 this. Although smaller, but the size of tires used to be able to wider and thicker.Pulsar 220 tire wear size 90/90 in front and 120/80 at the rear. Medium Tiger and Scorpios only wear size 100/90 at the rear wheels.
But Scorpio Z had a huge defeat than Tiger Honda and Bajaj Pulsar 220. Yamaha sport bikes are not equipped disc brakes on rear wheels.